This is inspiring a fabric mural me thinks. Will post as it comes together


Emergency Hemming Solutions

Ever gotten ready to head out of the house, pulled on a pair of pants or a skirt and noticed part of the hem had come undone? Well here are three hemming solutions you can use in a time crunch till you can get the hem properly fixed (this means taking the time to sew it yourself or taking it to someone to sew it for you)

1. Staples – this may ruin the fabric of the item, and if the staple comes undone you might get scratched, but it will hold the hem till you can get it fixed

2. Safety Pins – may ruin fabric, they may come undone and scratch you, but it will hold the hem till you can get it fixed.

3. Stitch Witchery – an iron on item found in some grocery stores and almost all fabric stores. Creates a temporary hem that will last till the next washing.


Alberta fashion week was great. Now it’s off to Con-Version 26. At the Quality Inn airport location. Come down and check out that fantastic vendors and artists

TuTu – Rockin’ Out – DIY

30 Minute Tutu


  • 1 package of 1/2 inch elastic
  • 2-4 metres each of desired colours of tulle netting (the more tulle the more poofy)
  • 0.20 metres of cotton or satin for elastic casing
  • 1 metre of trim accent
  • Scissors
  • Thread to match main colour
  • Sewing machine
  • Safety pin


  1. Measure your waist/hip/ spot you want the tutu to sit.
  2. Cut 1/2 inch elastic to this length
  3. Fold tulle in half to desired length stich side seams
  4. Sew running stitch to gather tulle
  5. Cut casing out of cotton – elastic + 10 inches
  6. Sew casing side seams
  7. Fold casing fabric over 1/4 inch length wise – stitch  1/4 inch
  8. Fold casing fabric over 3/4 inch length wise – stitch 3/4 inch leaving
  9. Gather the tulle to fit the length of the cotton
  10. Sew gathered tulle to cotton casing using straigth stitch
  11. Insert elastic into casing – pin close with a safety pin
  12. Fit the tutu – adjust elastic as needed
  13. Zig Zag stitch elastic ends together flat
  14. Finish stitching casing seam
  15. Sew on trim to hide top edge of tulle and casing fabic