This is inspiring a fabric mural me thinks. Will post as it comes together


Recap of 2011

The 2011 year was the theme of change. I went and hit the reset button on my life a few times. All of it making me a better person then I was before. I’ve learned so much about who I am, where I want to go and what I want to do.

I’ve changed my relationships with people – I ended a five-year relation ship with someone I loved. It was probably the hardest thing to do, but in my heart it was the right thing to do. I have felt no qualms about it. It has been a year now and we are back to being civilized and being able to be in a room together and with friends. Having people feel they needed to pick and choose to hang out with one for the other was difficult – it continues to happen but it is no longer an issue due to uncomfortableness between the two of us now. This will hopefully change in the future – I’m not entirely sure it will though.

I changed jobs – I left a job that was slowly breaking me down. I enjoyed the work and I enjoyed working with my co-workers, but there were other aspects that made it difficult for me to want to get out of bed in the morning. I knew it wasn’t a job that I could see myself in for the next 5 years. It was never meant to be more than a few months – a transition from the lay off. I spent two years searching for the right fit and kept going to work to make sure the bills were paid. I was in survival mode. I kept looking for a way out to something I would enjoy for work. It got to the point that one day I didn’t care I didn’t have another job lined up yet – I just couldn’t stay where I was. I needed out. I left on good terms – which matters to me as a person. I still keep in touch with a few key people who influenced my life and consider them friends.

I took a leap of faith – I participated in Vancouver Fashion Week. Not the feedback/turnout I was looking for; but was worthwhile in learning where I want to take Di Designs.

I’ve met new people and made new friends. This is hard for me to do – and I can relate it to how I grew up. The number of times I had to change schools for a move, the changes between a military base school and a public/separate school system in a new town. I become so introverted at one point I decided why bother putting in the effort – I’ll just be moving on anyways. I’ve now been in Calgary for 13 years. I am still in touch and see occasionally people I met 13 years ago. I have people I call friends now – and I have no fear or them going away. I’m more social and am willing to try to make new acquaintances. Every year I can look back and see that I look more confident in a picture then I did the year before.

 I have become a stronger and better person then I was the year before. I’m dreaming again and I can almost reach some of those dreams that I had locked away.

Dreams are important – they keep us from becoming stuck in the mud – they give us hope and joy and love and light to lift us up and give a reason for us to better ourselves.

My promise to myself for 2012 – keep dreaming and never give up hope.


A listing of the events I participated in the 2011 year.

Deviled Ink – Artist showcase evening – good learning experience – allowed me to network with other artists (spring/summer)

Vancouver Fashion Week – fun/stress filled times – good learning experience (fall)

Motion Gallery – what better way to end the year but by having some of my items in a gallery in Eau Claire (winter)

Simple Tank Top

Spring is coming – sometimes you want a simple tank top to wear about or go camping with. Provided is a pattern that you can use to make your own spring/summer top.


  • Paper to draft pattern
  • Measuring tape
  • Coloured pencils (I use red and blue)
  • Fabric with some stretch (2 inches of fabric stretched to 3 inches minimum)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Drafting the pattern:

  1. Take the following measurements Bust, Waist, Hip, and Shoulder to desired length, arm-syth (arm-syth is the measurement of the shoulder and arm – the area you arm fits through on a sleeve).
  2. Divide the bust, waist and hip measurements by 4 then add 1 ½”.
    1. Bust of 34” / 4 = 8 ½” + 1 ½ = 10”
    2. Waist of 27” / 4 = 6 ¾” + 1 ½ = 8 ¼”
    3. Hip of 36” / 4 = 9” + 1 ½ = 10 ½”
  3. Divide the arm-syth measurement by 2.
  4. Draw out two rectangles that are equal to the largest of the measurements plus 2” wide, and shoulder to desired length plus 3”.
  5. Mark down 1” from top and bottom of the rectangle-draw a dotted line. This is the seam allowance for the shoulders and the hem.
  6. Mark a bust line, waist line and hip line on both rectangles at the same heights
  7. Along each line place a do at the measurement for length.
  8. Draw a curve between these three dots.
  9. Draw a curve for the arm-syth – this is where you want the shoulder to sit.
  10. Measure the width you wish the strap to be (1” – 3”)
  11. Draw a curve for the front and back neckline as desired.


Sewing Instructions:

Cut out the pattern

Pin the pattern to the fabric. The stretch of the fabric should be across the pattern width wise and the pattern should be placed on the fold of the fabric.

Cut out the fabric.

Pin side seams right side of fabric together – sew ½” seam allowance

Pin should seams right side of fabric together – sew ½” seam allowance

Hem as needed along neck line – ¼” ¼” turn and top stitch

Hem the bottom edge – ½” ½” turn and top stitch.

Voila you have a simple tank to enjoy the nice weather in.